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We have every day to show how much we love and appreciate mom, but we are given one Mother’s Day a year to make her feel extra special.

Mom will surely appreciate and love anything that you will do for her, but it would be a great idea to give her something that will always remind her of you until she grows old. We think we can help you that!

Here are some Mother’s Day gift ideas from The School of Satchel that mom will surely love:

1. Bianca Handbag

Our Bianca Handbag is made of full grain real cowhide leather, designed to be your mom’s go-to bag for any occasion. It looks small on the outside but is very spacious inside. And the best part about it? Your mom can use it in two ways. Carry it as a handbag or use it as a sling bag; let her use it in the way that suits her style. Available in Dusty Pink, Sailor Blue, and Mocha Brown.

2. Taylor Tote Bag

Our Taylor Tote Bag is made of full grain real cowhide leather. It is one of our most classic and functional bags. People love our Taylor Tote for its size, making it possible to fit all their things inside just one bag. Carry it by the hand or shoulder, just like our Bianca Handbag. If your supermom is a workaholic, this might just be the perfect office bag for her! Available in Tan and Sailor Blue.

3. Nicole Wallet

Our Nicole Wallet is also made of full grain real cowhide leather. It is the best essential for mothers who are on-the-go (and are always doing errands too!). It’s spacious enough for your cards, money, pen, and cellphone (it could even fit a house key inside)! Available in Caramel Tan, Mocha Brown, Dusty Pink, and Sailor Blue.

4. Bianca Handbag / Taylor Tote Bag + Nicole Wallet

Great gifts can come in twos, too! Buy your mom our Bianca Handbag + Nicole Wallet Pair, you get P500 off. Buy her our Taylor Tote + Nicole Wallet Pair, you get P600 off. You can either choose the same color for both products or choose a different color for each. The more personalized for mom, the better!

5. Macy Satchel

Our Macy 11” Satchel has been every woman’s favorite for a long time. With its classic design, our Macy Satchel is also a bag that your mom can use for any occasion. It is now 25% off and stocks are running low. So if you think mom will love it, we suggest you place your order now!

6. Checkbook Wallet and Notebook Cover

If mom has too many bags already, then maybe you can give her something useful for work or at home. Our checkbook wallet and notebook covers are made of full grain real cowhide leather, with a minimalist and functional design. Available in Dark Brown and Cognac.

These are just ideas only, you can browse through all our products too. You might find something that mom will like better! :)

This Mother’s Day 2019,

give a gift to mom that stands the test of time.

give a gift to mom that lasts like her love.

give her SOS.

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