Choose Optimism Above Anything Else

It is no doubt that we are all experiencing fear towards the COVID-19. Most especially when everything we see and hear from the news are the growing cases in our country.

However, this is not the best way to help ourselves. We, The School of Satchel, in our own little way, want to help to alleviate the fear. We will continue to post on our feeds and stories focusing on empowerment and positivity.

We also want to continue to showcase the beautiful works of our Filipino Craftsmen, as a reminder that there is more to life than fear and panic. That there is hope in happiness, passion, and love.

Let’s all stay positive, folks! Sharing the love and happy vibes to everyone. Here are some happy photos of our team from behind the scenes!

We wish you all to stay safe. Let us continue to pray for each other's safety, for recovery, and for strength. We will all get through this!:)

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