Contributing Positive Impact With Fair Trade Fashion

Did you know Fast Fashion is destroying our environment?

What is Fast Fashion? Fast Fashion is where mass market retailers rapidly produce inexpensive clothing to keep up with the latest trends.

Lately, we have been caught up demanding low prices to keep up with the latest fashion trends. And to satisfy that demand, manufacturers are using inexpensive materials such as low-quality cotton and polyester. These materials release methane, a greenhouse gas that takes about a hundred years to biodegrade. Aside from this, they maintain low costs by using poor dyeing and bleaching practices that contributes to landfills introducing toxic wastes into our fresh waters.

With this happening, We, The School of Satchel, are against fast fashion. We aim to produce high-quality products that lasts long, preventing the constant purchase and disposal cycle of Fast Fashion.

In line with this, we managed to push boundaries with our local tannery partners to produce all our leather pieces using Premium Full Grain Cowhide Leather, Vegetable-tanned.

Any leather product made from vegetable-tanned full grain leather will show its natural characteristics over the years, which allows it to stretch into its natural shape. It will form a natural patina over time where you’ll see variations in color and subtle scars. This means this environment-friendly type of process allows our leather to age timelessly and beautifully.

We stand for local craftsmanship, fair trade, classic style and versatility. With a vision to be an instrument for more Filipinos to have the courage to believe and love homegrown.

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