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Updated: Sep 8, 2019

With the increasing number of vehicles and number of hours people spend stuck on the road, it is no surprise that more and more people are choosing to ride motorcycles than cars. It saves you three things – money, effort, and time.

Traffic is getting worse by the day and riding a motorcycle has slowly been a thing, making every day more productive and efficient for every rider.

And... our newest collaboration might just be the best treat for every motorbike rider and enthusiast out there!

We couldn’t be more excited about the newest collaboration we have with Vintage Rider Manila, a premium and vintage helmet brand. With every one of a kind helmet that they have, every dapper rider will surely have a hard time choosing which one is fit for their style (or their office outfit!) because every. single. piece. is. classic.

Atty. Pedrito “Ped” Faytaren, owner of Vintage Rider Manila, shares perfectly the convenience of riding a motorbike in style!

“When I get to hearings and its traffic, what is beautiful with the bullet [Royal Enfield Bullet 350], it's big enough that vehicles would not run you over nor bully you but it's small enough that you can easily filter it on traffic. I do attend hearings wearing my barong on the bike.

I’m also a preacher... Because of that bike, if we do have events and activities that are far away that I need to reach, I bring the bike because it’s possible even with the traffic. Your travel time is cut in half.” [Taken from Royal Enfield's official FB page video]

Who says you can’t dress for the slide and ride in style at the same time?

SOS x VRM will let you do both.

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