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Weaving Filipino Passion, Dreams, and the Future

2020 has had its ups and downs, and the new normal is truly unprecedented. A lot of local SMEs have been caught in the struggle to keep their businesses running. However, amidst all the challenges we have been experiencing, our team strongly believes that no pandemic is going to stop us from achieving our dreams.

Everyday, our team lives with a mission and a purpose: pushing boundaries to encourage more people, especially Filipinos to believe, love, and choose local.

This brings us to the very core of our goal - help provide a sustainable source of living to our bag makers, craftsmen and craftswomen at that.

With the pandemic far from being over, we are learning more ways to connect and strengthen relationships with both current and new markets.

And what the best way to do this is to bring back our Dream Weavers Collection.

Dream Weavers Collection is taking center stage this month, locally and with our international brand partners. Get to know this project, which is closest to our hearts.

The Dream Weavers Collection, is our Social Enterprise Project. It started last May 2019, where we discovered and met the Sibaltan Women Weavers Association Inc. (SWWAI) from the island of Sibaltan, El Nido.

The SWWAI is a group of highly talented Cuyonon women weavers who specialize in weaving different products such as buri and banig, and now even leather. In fact, they are the only ones who create handwoven leather bags in the country. More than being known for being great weavers, they are famous and valued for the preservation of Filipino culture. For them, weaving is far beyond livelihood; it’s their tradition as they become mothers, passing their skill and knowledge of weaving to their daughters. It’s not just a source of income, but a continuity of heritage.

We aim to increase the demand for their unique products because we want them to have a sustainable source of livelihood, so that they can fulfill their dreams in the same way that they are helping us fulfill ours.

Thus, we designed the Lady Bug Backpack, handwoven by the Sibaltan Women Weavers of Palawan, using responsibly sourced vegetable-tanned, full grain cowhide leather.

This special project has truly inspired us. It opened our minds and hearts to the real value of the things we buy. No amount can buy value, time, effort, and heart behind every product.

We want to make a difference in the world by simply being careful about our choices. It’s not just about buying the products, it’s all about responsibility. Let us keep in our minds that with every bag we buy, we are not just giving money. Each of us become instruments of weaving Filipino tradition.

Let's make LOCAL our FIRST CHOICE. And continue to become instruments of weaving Filipino dreams.

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