Frequently asked questions

Do you have warranty?

Repairs are free of charge within 7 days for metal parts/accessories. If oxidation occurs in 7 days, we will replace the item. Repairs due to wear and tear will be charged accordingly.

What are the types of leather?

There are three leather grades. We only use full grain leather, the highest grade and most desirable types of leather. GRADE A – FULL GRAIN The finest of all leathers. Only the hair has been removed from the skin. The surface is natural, and hasn’t been corrected, split or buffed to conceal imperfections. Only the finest quality hides are reserved for this category. Our Franco Collection is made of full grain real cowhide leather. GRADE B – TOP GRAIN Most commonly used in high-end leather products. Leather has been buffed to hide imperfections and is generally treated with full pigment color. More durable than split. Our Charlie and Macy Satchels are made of top grain real cowhide leather. The rest of our product line is also made of top grain leather. GRADE C – SPLIT or GENUINE LEATHER It is derived from the middle and lower layers of the skin. This is exclusively used for suede or covered in a fully pigmented coating. Less durable than full and top grain leathers. Currently, we don’t have products that use this type of leather.

How do you maintain the leather?

Handle leather bags with clean hands. They are prone to absorbing grease and oils. For dirt, or scratches, gently rub using fingertip. You can also wipe it with a damp white cloth, and ensure not to use too much water. Remember that leather takes time to dry. Only use cleaners specially designed for leather. Make sure to test the cleaner in a hidden surface. Once to twice a year application should be enough to keep your bag clean. Always follow the instructions of your chosen leather cleaner. Store your leather bags properly. Place them in a breathable dust bag or natural-fabric pillowcase. You can wrap the metal parts in a clean tissue paper.

Do you ship internationally?

Yes we do.

Please send us a message or an email of the details of your purchase at

How to order?

If stocks are available: 1. Go to Shop 2. Click the item you want to purchase 3. Add to cart 4. Follow instructions If stocks are out of stock and available for preorder: 1. Email us at regarding item you want to preorder/reserve 2. Provide customer details: Name: Item and Color: Quantity: Email Add: Contact Number: Shipping Address: 3. A notification email will be sent to you to confirm your reservation, total amount due and shipping date. 4. For bulk order inquiries or customized bulk items, please email us directly at

What are your payment options?

In SHOP, after Add to Cart and details have been placed, click CHECKOUT OPTION 1: OFFLINE PAYMENT 1. Bank Deposit Send us copy of deposit slip as soon as payment has been made. 2. Online Bank Transfer Send us screenshot of bank transfer as soon as payment has been made. 3. BPI QR CODE - email or DM us so we can send QR code to you We will verify your payments in 24 hours upon sending us a copy of proof of payment. We will hold items for 48 hours upon placement of order. You will be notified for payment reminder if payment has not been made in 24 hours upon placement of order. If no response or confirmation from your end, order placed will be cancelled. BPI Checking Account See Act Plan Enterprises Inc. 2801 0000 18 BDO Savings Account Baby Diana Ferrer 01134 000 4451 Email Add: OPTION 2: PAYPAL PAYMENT Pay with PayPal When you hit "Buy Now" you will be redirected to PayPal where you can complete your purchase securely. PayPal Account of The School of Satchel: OPTION 3: DEBIT CARD OR CREDIT CARD PAYMENT In SHOP, after Add to Cart and details have been placed, click CHECKOUT WITH PAYPAL No need to create an account with PayPal. Simply follow instructions, input Debit/Credit Card details and you're done.

What are your delivery methods:

1. Metro Manila shipment takes 1-2 days. Rates: Accessories: P170 Bags: P250 2. Provincial shipment takes 2-3 days. Rates: Accessories: P250 Bags: P550 We will ship item one banking day after we receive and verify your payment. We use third party couriers to facilitate shipments. Please provide complete shipment details to facilitate smooth transaction. For failed delivery attempts due to unavailability of receiver despite agreed shipment schedule, additional shipping cost incurred will be shouldred by the customer. 3. International Shipment For Australia, Singapore and Malaysia, kindly click the link below to contact our partners directly: For other countries, please email us directly at so we can give you shipping quotation. We use DHL express for international shipments.