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Embracing the Legacy of Filipino Craftsmanship: The School of Satchel's Journey

Greetings, fellow bag enthusiasts! Today, we want to simply share with you the passion that drives us to create exceptional premium bags made from vegetable-tanned full-grain cowhide leather and high-quality materials right here in Manila.

Our brand is rooted in a vision to encourage more Filipinos to choose homegrown products and spread the word that Filipino brands can indeed rival international counterparts. Join us on this journey as we delve into the world of local craftsmanship and the beauty of supporting our own.

When we founded The School of Satchel, our mission was clear: to showcase the remarkable craftsmanship of Filipino artisans and create bags that would stand proudly alongside the best in the world. We believe that by combining traditional techniques with modern design sensibilities, we can create products that not only exceed expectations but also capture the essence of our rich heritage.

At The School of Satchel, we take great pride in using only the finest materials for our bags. One example is the vegetable-tanned full-grain cowhide leather which is meticulously sourced, ensuring its durability and sustainability. This material not only ages beautifully but also tells a story, with each natural mark and variation reflecting the uniqueness of the hide. Paired with high-quality hardware and thoughtful design, our bags are made to last, becoming lifelong companions for our customers.

Central to our brand philosophy is the belief that supporting our local craftsmen and women is essential for nurturing and preserving our cultural legacy. We collaborate closely with talented Filipino artisans who possess a deep understanding of leatherworking techniques passed down through generations. Their skill, dedication, and attention to detail are integral to the creation of every bag that bears our name.

We are determined to break the notion that only imported goods can meet global standards. Each bag produced at The School of Satchel undergoes rigorous quality control, ensuring that it stands tall alongside international brands. From the stitching to the finishing touches, we hold ourselves to the highest standards of excellence, allowing us to confidently assert that our bags can rival any from around the world.

Our vision goes beyond simply creating beautiful bags; it is about fostering a sense of pride and appreciation for our Filipino heritage. By choosing local brands like ours, you not only invest in high-quality products but also contribute to the growth and sustainability of our local industries. We invite you to embrace the legacy of Filipino craftsmanship and be ambassadors of our rich culture, spreading the word that choosing local can lead to exceptional experiences.

As I conclude this blog post, I want to express my gratitude for taking the time to explore the world of The School of Satchel. We are passionate about creating premium bags that not only reflect the craftsmanship of our local artisans but also challenge the notion that international brands are the only benchmark of quality. Together, let's encourage more Filipinos to choose homegrown products, support our talented artisans, and celebrate the excellence that lies within our own shores.

The School of Satchel is here to show the world that Filipino brands can indeed be at par with the best, and we invite you to be a part of our journey🤗



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