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Last Saturday, April 27, The School of Satchel Team was lucky and privileged to take part of a private screening event for the much-awaited movie, Avengers: Endgame. More than the fact that this was a movie that almost everyone’s dying to watch, we were happier to be part of it because the said event was a fundraising activity for the Center for Health Improvement and Life Development (C.H.I.L.D.) Haus Organization by The Maritime Law Association of the Philippines (MARLAW).

Event organizers giving out our leather accessories during raffle time!

MARLAW is an association established among lawyers who are engaged in maritime practice. More so, it is an association that helps build relationships among lawyers who promote for the same advocacies and who are of service to promote common good. It was through Atty. Pedrito I. Faytaren, Vice President for Ways and Means of MARLAW, that we were invited and were able to take part of this special fundraising event. We’d also like to extend our gratitude to Atty. Denise Luis B. Cabanos, President of MARLAW, for getting us as a sponsor for their event.

The beneficiary of the fundraising event, C.H.I.L.D. Haus, is a nonprofit organization that provides shelter, care, and love for children who are diagnosed with cancer. Their organization helps these children who are in need of financial support for their treatments for more than 10 years already. It was good to see the CHILD Haus children have the opportunity to enjoy a beautiful film which they don’t often get to do.

Atty. Faytaren assisting the CHILD Haus children going inside the cinema

This event will surely be memorable to us not only because our local brand was promoted at a big event, but more importantly because we were able to help these children in our little way. We have always valued helping other people through our brand, thus promoting #EthicalAndLocal, and this event allowed us to practice just that.

Here’s to promoting local love and being able to help people along the way! :)

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